Enjoy gardening again.

Extend Weedcomb

Ad an extension pole to make it possible to get to hard to reach areas and under thorny shrubs and bushes.

A simple tool with so many uses...

To maintain well groomed gardens: Simply "comb" the WeedComb through the soil regularly, and disposal of the weeds is as easy as tapping the WeedComb over a bucket, which means anyone can use this tool to eliminate approximately 10 other garden tools!

  • The Weedcomb will aerate the soil to allow maximum water penetration, promote root growth, as well as prevent weeds from taking root and becoming an unsightly part of your garden.

  • Flipping the Weedcomb and using the even edge will assist in levelling and moving soil around.

  • The Weedcomb is ideal for removing unwanted grass such as when edging driveways and flower beds. Begin by using your edger to design or re-edge existing gardens.

  • The WeedComb is also useful to turn mulch, remove dead foliage...